Help save lives by recruiting and serving the community healthcare system by donating blood through Rotary Club Blood Drives!
We have heard the slogan "Everyone Bring One" to encourage us to recruit members. District 5790 Blood Drive Chair and Head Vampire John Pardue has thrown down the gauntlet with the "One Pint per Rotarian Challenge". John is challenging every club in the district to host one or more blood drives so that each club will generate at least one pint of donated blood per club member between now and Jan 30, 2023.
Help our poor District 5790 Blood Drive Committee Chair John Pardue (member of RC of Fort Worth South)
Like the vampires of Transylvania, his passion for blood may cause him to morph into one of those famous vampires. Of course John's passion is in supporting the community healthcare system by encouraging fellow Rotarians and their friends to donate blood! Please read his letter to Rotarians below and work with your clubs blood drive chair to respond to this challenge.

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

2023 is upon us!  Please join me and help save lives by recruiting and serving our role in the community healthcare system by donating blood!  Thank you to all the Clubs who have continued your leadership into the Rotary year- big shout out to our leaders: 

Decatur (71 units) and Breckenridge (24 units) Lewisville Morning (24 units) and leading our Small Clubs

Cross Timbers (30 units) leading Mid Sized Clubs and Grapevine (48 units) and Arlington (17 units) leading Large Clubs!

It is very easy to partner with your local Blood Centers which include Meek Blood Center in Abilene, Texas Blood Institute, Carter Bloodcare with 8 physical locations (donors accepted 6 days a week) and the American Red Cross also offering blood drive scheduling.  In fact, one of the most effective ways to boost your Club’s impact is by sending donors, especially those who give regularly or have type O, is by sending them to the local Blood Center but reminding them to donate in your Club meetings.

Let’s finish the second half of Governor Steele’s year by stepping up to the Blood Drive Challenge!  

One Unit of Blood per Rotarian in your Club!

For those in Tarrant and adjacent counties , Carter Bloodcare has partnered with Rotary for decades and has tracked our donors by Club using a unique donor code for each of your Clubs.  Attached please find the list of Sponsor codes labeled ‘SPON034567’. Use this number when hosting a drive, participating in your corporate or community blood drive, or for all of your referrals to the local Blood Center.  Carter will track and record our progress, as will Meek in Abilene and TBI in Wichita Falls.

Remember it is not necessarily Rotarian blood that we are after (although of course we need that too!) but rather we can fulfill our role in leading our community to stronger health and welfare.  Blood recruitment provides a very easy service project with high impact and effect on our local community!  As I visit with Clubs and also our younger generations behind us, this awareness and education on how our blood supply works, I find more and mire often that we don’t realize the luxury of a healthy blood supply, and the network that our local Blood banks are a part of.

Let us return to greatness as a leader in Blood donation - Service Above Self is surely at the core of bringing awareness of the need for blood supply, not only for basic emergency transfusion, but also for the many battles with disease and the use of advanced medicine that require additional blood.

Let us continue to save lives and improve awareness together!

With sincere gratitude to be a part of the People of Action,

John Pardue

District 5790 Blood Drive Chairman

Head Vampire 🩸