On Saturday, May 14th, we held the final Speech contest for the 2021-2022 season.  We are excited to report the results...
1st – Eve Meade, Fort Worth, $500
2nd – Sonika Harish, Lewisville Noon, $400
3rd – Michel Graham, Graham, $300
4th – Nicole Stancik, Wichita Falls Southwest, $200
5th – Michael Wong, Grapevine, $100
6th - Joseph Luken McCollum, Wichita Falls North, $100
Please congratulate these accomplished students as you see them.  Judges, as usual, had a hard job!
Thanks to all of the clubs who participated by having contests and providing judges as well as those who provided venues for Regional/District contests. The Rotary Four Way Test Speech contest is one of the most impactful service projects clubs can do to help communities learn about Rotary. On a district basis, we estimate that this years contests touched at least 400 non-Rotarians. The Rotary Four Way Test is the core of who we are and what Rotary represents. Now, at least 400 people in the North Central and Plains areas of Texas have better idea what it means to be a Rotarian.
Thanks to all of the judges who helped with each of the competitions.  And lastly, thanks to Janelle Kavanaugh who filled in for District 4 Way Test Contest Coordinator Lori Richardson Glovier when she could not be at several of the contests.