District 5790 Youth Exchange, 2016-17 Outbound Student Procedures

Norm King, YEO, 1263 Stonehill Ct., Kennedale, Texas 76060, 817-781-3327, YEO_5790@YAHOO.COM

Our Host Families
Host Families are the key component of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.  Without Host Families this program would not be possible.  Host Families are our most precious resource.  We cannot completely express the importance of and our appreciation for your role in the Youth Exchange Program. We want to do what we can to support you during your hosting experience.
Host Families are set forth as one of the key components of the Visitor Exchange program as set out by the U.S. State Department.  When you host a student from another country you act as our U.S. representatives and Host Families become the de facto face of our country.  While hosting a student you are acting as an ambassador and representative for our nation, it is your family and the life you show them that these students will take back with them to their home countries.
Before the student arrives:
  • Complete the Host Family Application.
  • Criminal background check is performed on each permanent resident of the home over 18.
  • Interview, Home Inspection and Orientations are performed.
  • Rotary Chain of Command is explained and points of contact are established.
  • Make contact with student and begin establishing a welcoming relationship.
During students Exchange:
  • Provide safe welcoming environment to encourage development of trust and friendship.
  • Help student become a part of the family.
  • Provide room and board, meals and reasonable access to communication with their home.
  • Provide transportation or facilitate transportation to and from school.
  • Provide a sounding board for the students concerns and struggles with language, culture etc.
  • Introduce student to local customs and traditions.
  • Make sure student follows and obeys Rotary rules and local and state laws.
  • Maintain clear contact with Rotary Counselor and Rotary District support.
We feel this program is as instrumental in teaching the students about the US as it is in our learning about the student’s country of origin.  Our goal in Rotary is that each one of these exchanges would help us achieve the ultimate Rotary goal of World Peace.
If you have any questions regarding any of the above items please contact the District Youth Exchange Officer, Norm King, 817-781-3327 / YEO_5790@yahoo.com.


Families wishing to apply may do so by clicking on the "2013 Host Family Application "link"




Hosting an Exchange Student

Hosting a Youth Exchange student from another country is a challenge-and an opportunity.  Involvement with an exchange student challenges a host family to become familiar with another culture, while providing the opportunity to share a student's hopes and ambitions. These challenges and opportunities promise to enrich the lives of every member of your family. Click here to watch an informative video about being a Host Family.

Not only will you provide an unforgettable service to a student from abroad, but you also will educate your family about the world around them.


Prospective Host Families:

In a nutshell, hosting is inviting a student from another country between the ages of 15 and 19 to become a part of your family for several months.  Our student, your new family member,

  1. IS NOT A GUEST.  They become an intricate part of your family and your day to day lives.  Your student should be treated just as you would treat your own son or daughter.  They expect to be given chores such as taking out the garbage, helping to clean up the kitchen after a meal, washing the car, etc.
  2. speaks limited to fluent English
  3. carries full medical insurance
  4. is in the program because he or she wants to experience life with an American host family and attend an American high school
  5. is carefully screened to assure that he or she is prepared to become an exchange student, and
  6. will attend your local high school.