Group Exchange Study with Brazil

District 5790 Governor Hollis Lackey & Stan Wilkes welcoming Team Brazil to Texas

Group Study Team


District 4770


From left to right (Top Row) Bruno Rocha Cardoso, Marcelo De Oliveira Ferreira (team Leader), Leonardo Henrique Melo
From left to right (Bottom Row) Leticias Nelma Soares, Andrea Lopes De Siqueira, Trais Alves Olivera

My name is Marcelo de Oliveira Ferreira. I am leader of the GSE BRA–USA
2013. I come from the RC Patrocínio Brumado dos Pavões, on District 4770.
I’m an attorney specializing in business law and public law. I work in a law firm
and at City Hall as the prosecutor. I am a partner in a construction company
houses and a stationery. I’m 36 years old, married and have a daughter 7 months
old. I am interested to visit legal departments of companies, the city hall and
the legislative. I’d like to visit construction companies and retail stores. I am
seeking for partnership projects between our districts and clubs.

My name is Andrea, I’m 36 years old, single and have a 12-year-old daughter.
I come from district (4770) forty-seven seventy), sponsored by Rotary Club of
Araguari, State of Minas Gerais.
I am a dentist and work in a private office. I’m post graduated in dental
prosthesis, both functional and esthetic, but I work in oral surgery also. My
goal in the GSE Program is to know about the American dentistry, both private
and public, as well as the graduate programs and research. I would also like to
know more about the American culture, visit museums, and watch a baseball/
golf game.

My name is Leonardo. I am 27 years old. I´m Single. I am from Uberaba,
located in the state of Minas Gerais.I am sponsored by the Rotary club Uberaba
Leste, representing District 4770.
I have a Masters degree in maintenance engineering and I work as process
engineer at Delta, a sugar and alcohol plant. I also work as a university professor
in the areas of administration and logistics.
While in district 5790, I would like to visit aerospace, technology and petroleum
manufacturers, business administration universities, school music, logistics
systems for receiving and sending cargo at airports, ports and railway stations,
agricultural machines and agribusiness.
My hobbies are: playing the guitar, listening to jazz, blues and country music. I
love boats, cars, animals such as dogs and cattle.

My name is Thaís Alves. I’m from 4770 District and I’m sponsored by
Morrinhos Rotary Club, in Morrinhos City of Goiás State. I’m 25 years old.
I’m single. I graduated in Portuguese, English and Literatures (Languages).
Actually I’m studying Business Administration. I have a Language School
which I’m a director and teacher too. I teach English as a foreign language. I live
with my brother and my parents live at a farm. I’m happy to participate in this
project. In Texas, I would like to know the American Education System, from
Kindergarten to University. I’d like to know the process of language teaching in
Language Schools, from administration to Languages Lessons. I’ like to attend
English Classes. It’s very important to know the American culture, so, I’d like
to visit museums, libraries, universities, parks, sporting events such as football,
baseball, golf, rodeos and other places that represent the Texan and American

Sponsored by Rotary Club Catalão Solidariedade, Bruno is 29 years old, single
and graduate in Environmental Engineering. He specializes in environmental
law and is currently working as Supervisor of Environment in a Multinational
Mining Company. He coordinates a team of engineers and technicians who
are responsible for environmental monitoring, environmental licensing and
assessment ,waste management, and environmental management systems
Bruno is an easy going person who loves traveling, playing sports, going to
sporting events and also loves barbecue. He is an educated person, who likes to
talk, to meet people and make parties for friends and family. In his spare time,
he likes to be with his family and friends.
In The USA, he would like to get to know some private and public departments
of environment, sanitation infrastructure of cities (sewage collection and
treatment, water treatment and waste management - landfill) and social projects
in the environmental field and also some Non-governmental organization. He
would like to know environmental engineering course in any university, visit
cultural, natural and tourist attractions and also know the customs of Texan

My name is Letícia. I’m 27 years old. I’m single and I have a 6 year-old daughter.
I’m sponsored by Rotary Club Patrocínio Brumado dos Pavões, District
4770. I’m an Agronomist and I work as a Technical Sales Representative for
a multinational producer of chemical pesticides. In the GSE, I’d like to visit
farms and companies related to the production of onions, soy beans and other
regional crops. There are multinational factories near District 5790, as Dow
Agrosciences and DuPont Pioneer, which are linked to agriculture and I really
enjoy visiting. It would also be interesting to visit The Six Floor Museum in
Dallas and the Fort Worth Stockyards. I love rodeo and everything related to the
old west. I love going to concerts and watching sport games.


Dates (Nights inclusive) AREA I: Grapevine
Apr 23 (Tue) – 26 (Fri) 4 nights Grapevine, population 46,000, is
situated at north end of DFW airport. It is home of several wineries;
has historic downtown. There are 4 Rotary clubs in the host area.
Apr 27 (Sat) – 30 (Tue) AREA II: Cleburne/Burleson
4 nights Cleburne, population 30,000 is located 30 miles
south of Fort Worth. Is an old railroad town, now commuter
area to Fort Worth. Burleson is a suburb of Fort Worth, with a
population of 37,000. There are 6 Rotary clubs in the host area.
May 1 (Wed) – 4 (Sat) AREA III: Mineral Wells/Graham
4 nights Mineral Wells is a hill-country town of 17,000 population 50
miles west of Fort Worth. Was a famous spa, now commercial center
of the area. Lake Possum Kingdom, an 18,000 acre lake known for its
crystal clear water, is a popular recreation destination for Dallas-Fort
Worth (DFW) residents. Graham, population 8500, was originally a
railroad town, with oil discovered in 1917. There are 6 Rotary clubs
in the host area.
May 5 (Sun) – 8 (Wed) AREA IV: Denton
4 nights Denton is a city of over 100,000 population 30 miles north of
Fort Worth, 40 miles north of Dallas, with two major universities. Is
connected to Dallas by commuter rail. There are 4 Rotary clubs in the
host area.
May 9 (Thu) – 12 (Sun) AREA V: Wichita Falls
4 nights Wichita Falls, population 100,000, is two and one-half hours
northwest of Fort Worth, a commercial center of the area with a major
air force base. Known for its “Hotter N Hell” 100-mile bicycle race.
There are 5 Rotary clubs in the host area.
May 13 (Mon) – 16 (Thu) AREA VI: Arlington
4 nights Arlington is a city of 375,000 population mid-way between
Dallas and Fort Worth. Auto assembly is a main industry, but the city
is known for its recreation-entertainment attractions, including two
major sports venues. There are 7 Rotary clubs in the host area.
May 17 (Fri) – 18 (Sat) DISTRICT CONFERENCE: Fort Worth
2 nights In Fort Worth, populations 750,000, you will stay at a hotel in
the city center that is the site of the district conference of District 5790.
May 19 (Sun) AREA I: Grapevine
1 night Your last night in the district will be with your first 5790 home
hosts. Plan to use Sunday for last-minute needs – shopping, packing,
rest, prior to Monday departure from Distric


Meet the Out Bound Rotary District 5790
GSE Team North Texas

Team North Texas Celebrating landing in Brazil from left to right team members Monique Haynes & Pracilla Bento, Team Leader Chris McLucas and team members Victoria Clinton & Abigail Theobald

Rotary Team North Texas with a member of Rotary District 4770

Enjoying a break at the Cantina

Rotary District 5790 GSE Team members with members of Rotary District 4770