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A group of Japanese Rotarians renew old friendships made at an RI Convention with club members from Australia. Italian Rotarian parents of a former Rotary Youth Exchange student spend time with the family who hosted their son in Thailand. Rotarian pediatricians from Ghana travel to Germany to stay with doctors there.

Experiences like these happen all the time through Rotary Friendship Exchange, Rotary's international exchange program for Rotarians and their families. Participants experience other cultures and build friendships by staying in the homes of Rotary club members in another country. This program advances international understanding and peace through personal contact across borders while developing interclub relationships that lead to fellowship and service projects.

How it works

Types of Friendship Exchanges

  • Visitor program
    Individual Rotarians, who may be accompanied by family members, spend a few days in a Rotarian's home abroad.
  • Team program
    Rotarian couples (typically four to six) visit several communities in a host district for up to one month.
  • Univocational
    Rotarians of the same occupation observe how their job is done in other countries.


  • Only Rotarians and their immediate families are eligible for the visitor program, and participation in the team program is limited to Rotarians and their spouses.
  • Spouses or children must always be accompanied by Rotarians on an exchange.
  • Rotarians interested in participating must apply through their club president. Not every district participates in Friendship Exchange, so prospective applicants should ask their club president about the program.
  • District governors from participating districts appoint a district Friendship Exchange chair, who is responsible for coordinating exchanges through a list of chairs from around the world. E-mail friendshipexchange@rotary.org to identify your district chair.

Download the Rotary Friendship Exchange Handbook for more information.

Find exchange partners with the Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE) Matching Board (PDF).


District Chair - Chris McLucas            chris.mclucas@yahoo.com