- Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Plan - a new initiative

(by Paul Lucas)

The Disaster Relief Rotary Action Group ( http://www.drrag.org ) and the Rotary Emergency Disaster Initiative (REDI) have taken the lead in a new initiative to better coordinate the Rotary response to local and international disasters.  The goal is to capitalize on the unique network of our organization which provides access to community leaders and resources all over the world.  The strategy of this initiative is to focus on the "relief" phase which follows a disaster and will stay clear of the recovery efforts of professional "first responders".

At the district level, 5790 established a committee and drafted a Disaster Relief Plan which was adopted at the District Conference on April 25, 2009.  A copy of the plan is available on the district site: http://www.rotary5790.org .  The objective will be for each club to have a local disaster relief plan and a committee led by a club disaster relief officer (CDRO) who can interface with the district disaster relief officer (DDRO).

Through this new structure, Rotary can make a more accurate assessment of relief needs and resources available. There will also be more effective ways for raising and distributing relief funds in a timely way.  

Incoming club presidents should be sure to appoint their CDRO soon so that they can be trained for this new function. A Rotary5790 Disaster Relief quick reference card will be available soon for distribution and on the website.

For more information, please contact our district 5790 DRO Clint Ishmael at Clint.Ishmael@cleburne.net