Application Road Map(ref files on left)

  1. Read Current:
    • Global Grant Scholarship Outline
  2. Complete GG Scholar Application Sections 1-3 and obtain sponsoring Rotary Club endorsement.
  3. Submit Scholarship Application to the D5790 GG Scholarship Chair.
  4. Attend D5790 GG Scholarship Committee interview.
  5. Selected candidates should complete GG Scholarship Application Section 4 and send copies to the sponsoring club and to the D5790 GG Scholarship Chair.
  6. Sponsoring Rotary Club of selected candidates complete Global Grant Application on
  7. Sponsoring Rotary Club and selected candidate complete Global Grant Application on
  8. including identifying a sponsor club in the Rotary District where the Scholar’s school is located.
  9. Note: Grant Management Training (PE + 1) Required of the sponsoring Rotary Club.
    • Sessions provided at PETS and Assembly

Considerations for the International Sponsoring Club Primary Contact

  • Three-person committee (members of sponsoring club).
  • Primary contact appoints a counselor for the scholar.
  • A long-term commitment (typically 1 to 2 years)
  • Regular international communication and coordination required.
  • On-time adherence to the comprehensive and complex management and reporting process.

For Additional Information Contact: District 5790: