Posted on Mar 07, 2019
2018-19 District Governor Gerald Robinson, DGE Peter Scott and DGN Roger Paschal lead January & February district-wide Grow Rotary! Grow Engagement! Grow Impact meetings to launch new 3 year membership initiative throughout District 5790
It has been an exciting 3 months for our district as current District Governor Gerald Robinson has led a team consisting of our DGE Peter Scott, DGN Roger Paschal, District Governor Nominee-Designate Kayla Christianson, current District Membership Team Captain Steve Cox, 2019-20 District Membership Director PDG Larry Petrash, current Club Culture Team Captain PDG Gene Davenport, AG Lori Fickerling and Training and Technology Team Captain John Pokorny in launching the 3 year Grow Rotary! Grow Engagement! Grow Impact membership development initiative.
Every club was asked to send their club leadership and membership committee members to one of 5 meetings held throughout the district. The extremely successful luncheon meetings provided a platform from which our soon to be 72 clubs are encouraged to establish a 3 year plan to increase membership, engagement and impact of Rotary in their community.
Every club is being asked to appoint an effective membership committee to lead their clubs through a 3 year plan that fits their clubs culture and community mission. Membership committees are asked evaluate the clubs current situation and culture. Clubs are being asked to prepare and implement a 3 year strategic plan that sets achievable goals, identifies specific yearly action steps with timelines that will assure goal achievement. The entire effort should be supported with an aggressive club Public Image plan that communicates and celebrates plans and achievements. The district team assembled and made available training and several effective RI tools that clubs can use over the next 3 years to achieve their goals. 
For the next 3 years and beyond, district leadership and support will be encouraging club leaders to innovate by evaluating and identifying the club practices that stifle community awareness of Rotary and inhibit growth. Don't let club bi-laws prevent innovation, change the bi-laws if the change improves member satisfaction and engagement. Club leadership is being asked to identify specific ways that their club can increase their impact on the community.
Beyond the wonderful fellowship club leaders experienced prior to and during the meeting, DG Gerald, DGE Peter, DGN Roger and DGND Kayla provided excellent ideas that they could take back to their clubs that will help their membership committees launch an effective 3 year plan that will place "grandpa's Rotary Club" in the history books and begin anew with fresh ideas that create tomorrow's Rotary Club meeting the needs of a culturally diverse ever more digital population. 
Meeting participants were treated with inspirational slides that can be shared with your club members by clicking here or the graphic below.
Lastly, for those that were unable to make one of the 5 meetings, a live stream video was created of the meeting in Cisco. That video is shown below.