Our 71 Rotary Club presidents and their leadership are Making a Difference. Every one of our clubs are filled with People of Action.
During this years District Conference, District Governor Chris McLucas and the conference committee will be recognizing the outstanding achievements of several of our clubs in 8 separate categories; Membership, Public Image, Foundation, Club Service, Community Service, International Service, Vocational Service and Youth Service.
Now is the time to start completing our electronic awards submissions. The awards committee has made some enhancements to the electronic awards submission process to make it easier for clubs to submit their results now and then edit the submissions if results change prior to the March 31st deadline. Below are the links to each category digital submission form.
Here are the forms links to be used to submit your clubs awards entries for the 2017-2018 Rotary Year:
Every club in the district is encouraged to submit their clubs 2017-2018 performance information in each of the 8 categories by clicking on the appropriate link above.
Clubs will be recognized in each category based upon club membership size as of July 1, 2017 as follows:
  • Small (24 members or less)
  • Medium (25 to 44 members)
  • Large (45 members or more)
Clubs must electronically submit each form for the award category they wish to attain no later than 11:59 pm on April 10, 2018.
When each electronic form is completed, the member completing the form will receive an e-mail containing a record of all the responses to that particular awards category that was completed. That e-mail can be printed so that the club has a hard copy for their records if they desire. The e-mail also contains a link that will allow the member to return to the form to make updates and edits. This of course is very important to the membership committee, since you may induct a member on March 31st that was not in the cue when the submission was prepared in early March. To see all of the award criteria go to the District Recognition Awards page on the District 5790 website. Also included on the District Recognition Awards page is a pdf copy of each award category. Some clubs use the pfd form to first gather data from the appropriate club committee prior to submitting the digital form.
In addition to district awards, clubs may wish to seek Rotary International recognition for their clubs or their club members. A link to the all of the various Rotary International Recognition Awards is included in the left column of District Recognition Awards page. Please note the submission criteria and due dates vary for each award.
Should you have any questions please contact:
Angie Cox