District 5790 Youth Exchange
2022-2023 Youth Exchange Program
District 5790 has one outbound student and three inbound students for the 2022-2023 school year. Thetime to start planning for thee 2023-2024 school year is now! District 5790 hopes to support at least 5 outbound and inbound students (each!) next school year. The outbound application process will begin in October, but if you are interested, please email strinerotary5790yeo@gmail.com to get an application. Our current inbound students are from Czechia, Romania and Germany. We anticipate students from Brazil and Spain next year, as well.
The Rotary Youth Exchange Program has been an integral part of Rotary International since 1974. The program is a means of advancing international understanding and goodwill. Each year more than 8,000 students from 82 countries are involved in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, making it one of the Rotary’s largest, most popular and most successful programs. It is also one of the largest high school exchange programs in the world.
The program is open to all young men and women ages 15-18 1/2. The student's parents, local Rotary clubs, and the district finance the program. Student selection is based on submission of a written application followed by personal interviews at the club and district levels with the applicant and the applicant’s parents.
Our Rotary District has had a youth exchange program since 1985. The program is administered through the local Rotary Clubs with assistance from a District Rotary Youth Exchange Committee.
OUTBOUND PROGRAMS  We have two types of Outbound Exchanges:
Long-Term Exchange: Covers the academic year, during which time the student lives with more than one host family and attends high school in the host country.
Short-Term Summer Exchange: Is primarily a cultural exchange program for three to four weeks during which time the student lives with one host family. However, the short-term program is usually a reciprocal exchange. The family who hosts our student sends one of their children back with our Texas student to spend an equal amount of time with his/her family. Therefore the two students are together anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks in the summer.  The student will not attend high school on this program.
Long Term Inbound Exchange: International students come to our district and live with two or more host families and attend high school.  Interested in being a host family for an inbound student? Follow the links to the left, Host Family Info.
Short Term Inbound: As noted above the international students return with the American student who has been hosted in their home. This student spends an equal amount of time with the American host family.
For more information contact the District 5790 Rotary Youth Exchange Officer, Steve Trine at strinerotary5790yeo@gmail.com