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Saturday, August 22, 2015    8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
 Registration & Continental Breakfast 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Tarrant County Community College, North West
4801 Marine Creek Parkway, Fort Worth, Texas
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Our District Governor

District Governor Troy Secord   
                       District Governor Home Club: Wichita Falls North
Welcome to Rotary District 5790, composed of sixty-six vibrant clubs across the Texas North Central Plains area.  The Rotarians in our area truly exemplify Rotary's motto of ''Service Above Self'' with projects in local communities as well as international projects around the world.  Rotary International is working diligently to cross the finish line of eradicating Polio worldwide and District 5790 is working hard to aid in that effort.  So whether your passion is in environment, literacy, hunger, health, or peace, Rotary has something to offer you.
I encourage you to explore our website for local events and service opportunities as well as information about District 5790.  There are a variety of clubs that meet for breakfast, lunch, and happy hour; and we even have an e-Club for those people who travel for work or have limited time for weekly meetings.  There is a place for you in our Rotary family.
The Rotary International theme this year is “Be a Gift to the World”. “Rotary members give the gifts of time, talent, and knowledge to improve lives in communities across the globe. “Through Rotary, we can take these gifts and make a genuine difference in the lives of others and in our world."  Join us in District 5790 as we have fun this year as we give the gift of hope both locally and around the world.  I promise that you will receive the biggest gift of all by serving others.
Thank you for visiting District 5790 and we look forward to seeing you soon!
Yours in Rotary,
Troy Secord
District Governor  2015-2016

District Conference Local Area News Report

Check out what Texhoma Channel 3 had to say
about Rotary at our District 5790 Conference

District 5790 Rotarians Participate in National Immunization Day in India


Rotarian's Chris McLucas (Arlington Sunrise RC) and Reyna Castillo (Highland Village RC) have just returned from India where they participated in National Immunization Day by administering the Polio Vaccine in Ghaziabad, India on February 23, 2014.

We in District 5790 know Chris and Reyna as the couple that is deeply committed to Rotary not only through their financial support but through their hands on support of several different Rotary projects they are are involved in completing. Having been recently inducted into the Arch C. Klumph Society by Rotary International President Ron Burton in January (see related District Story), they have shared their fantastic Rotary experiences (see Chris & Reyna Adventure under District Stories of this website)





Meet Rotary’s new president
This excerpt from the July issue of The Rotarian magazine profiles the 2015-16 RI president. Before he gives a speech, K.R. Ravindran doesn’t like flowery, adulatory introductions. They make him uncomfortable. The 2015-16 Rotary president would rather keep a low profile and share the credit. If it were up to him, you probably wouldn’t even be reading this article. Negotiating Days of Tranquility during the Sri Lankan civil war so that health workers could administer drops of polio vaccine? Although it was on his desk that the agreement landed, he says, a lot of people worked to make that...
Apply to serve on an RI committee
If you would you like to contribute to Rotary by serving on a committee, this is your opportunity. The nine committees listed below are searching for qualified candidates for openings in 2016-17. Each of these committee works with Rotary leaders to increase efficiency and promote the goals and priorities of our strategic plan. To be considered for a committee appointment, go to for an application form. The application deadline is 20 August. Learn more about the committees and the application process. Get answers to frequently asked questions....
Early cancer detection is saving lives in Sri Lanka
More than 20,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed every year in Sri Lanka, and many of them prove fatal. The Rotary Club of Colombo, Sri Lanka, set out 10 years ago to save some of those lives by establishing the Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Centre.  In partnership with the National Cancer Control Programme and the Ministry of Health, the center in Colombo has screened more than 35,000 patients, mostly low-income, and detected more than 7,500 cases of abnormalities that required further investigation. The Rotary Club of Birmingham, Alabama, USA, donated a mammography and ultrasound...
Visit our new Member Center
As a member of Rotary, you’re part of a global network of community volunteers who are making a positive difference. Visit the new Member Center to access the many benefits and resources available to you, including: Rotary Global Rewards, our brand-new member benefits program featuring discounts on travel, hotels, dining, and entertainment Rotary publications and products, licensed vendors, mobile apps, and online tools Awards and donor recognition opportunities Rotary International Convention, our biggest event of the year The Rotarian, the official magazine of Rotary Share the benefits of...
Rotary releases $40.3 million for polio immunization activities
Rotary is releasing $40.3 million in grants to support polio immunization activities in 10 countries, including Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan, three countries where the disease has never been stopped. The funds will help build on gains Rotary and its partners have been making in the fight to eradicate polio. Nigeria hasn’t seen a polio case since 24 July 2014 and the World Health Organization could remove it from the list of polio-endemic countries as soon as September if no cases are reported. Nigeria would have to go another two years without a case to be certified polio-free. But the...
Knocking down language barriers
Before the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, Russian was the predominant second language offered in Polish schools, leaving tens of thousands of Polish emigrants without the English skills they needed.   That has changed over the last 25 years. English proficiency drastically improved after the government reformed its education system in 1991. The country overhauled its teaching curriculum and materials and introduced English as the primary foreign language. As of 2013, Poland ranks 8th in the world in English proficiency. However, one segment of the population isn’t reaping...
Member benefits program unveiled as convention draws to a close
RI President-elect K.R. Ravindran introduced a member benefits program at the 9 June closing session of the 2015 Rotary International Convention, saying that many more hands are needed to continue Rotary’s work around the world. The program, Rotary Global Rewards, aims to boost membership and enhance member satisfaction. It will debut on 1 July. “This innovative new program will allow Rotary members to connect with hundreds of businesses and service providers from around the world -- and that number is growing,” said Ravindran. “These establishments will offer Rotarians discounts and...
Africa on brink of polio eradication
Nigeria and the whole continent of Africa is on the cusp of being polio free, Dr. Hamid Jafari told audience members at the Rotary Convention on 8 June in São Paulo, Brazil. Between 2013 and 2014, the reported cases of polio dropped from 53 to just six in Nigeria. Even more encouraging, said Jafari, is that the last case of polio in Nigeria was reported in July of last year and the last case in all of Africa was reported in Somalia in August. “With a year of no polio cases in Nigeria tantalizingly close, and no cases in Somalia since August, the tireless work of so many people across the...

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District Stories

Having fun with Troy!
Thank you Randi Skinner for sharing video with us.
If you missed the district conference in Wichita Falls you missed one heck of a lot of fun.
More stories to follow.

Troy C. Secord, Governor 2015-2016
Rotary District 5790
To Club Presidents and Rotarians in District 5790:
It is my pleasure to serve you during the Rotary Year 2015-16 as District Governor. Our theme from our Rotary International President K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran is “Be a Gift to the World."  Over the past two years of training by Rotary International, Zone 21B/27 Leadership, and the insight of Past District Governors to hold this position, I have come to appreciate the dedication of the previous District Governors in their efforts in building the great Rotary District 5790. My hope is to build on the foundation that has been laid before me, so I need your help and assistance as we progress into this year. 
Governor Larry Patrash Visits the newly Chartered Aledo Rotary Club
While at the RI Convention DG Larry & wife Paula stop by a local hospital to visit an Old Friend
Okay, not that old
Many or our members will remember Marcello visiting Rotary District 5790 as a member of the last GSE team from Ige Bra-usa.
We are saddened by the damage and destruction caused by the recent tornado in Van, Tx.
Some have asked how we in Rotary District 5790 can help.
Interesting read...
Take particular note of the change in Rotary's special observances calendar that now includes the six areas of focus, Vocational Services and Youth Services starting with the 2015-2016 Rotary Year.
Congratulations  Brian Glenn, Denton Morning Rotary
PDG Jim Giffin with club president Rick Williamson after presenting Brian Glenn of the Denton Morning Rotary Club with the 2014 President's Volunteer Service Award from President Obama. 

Please help us identify all the Rotarian Vets that have served during the Korean of Vietnam Wars.
Pull out your box of tissues and watch this video...
Rotary is a global humanitarian organization with more than 1.2 million members in 34,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. Rotary members are men and women who are business, professional and community leaders with a shared commitment to make the world a better place through humanitarian service, both in their own community and around the world.  A top priority of Rotary is the global eradication of polio.