Posted by PDG Gene Davenport on Jun 18, 2017
The culture of a Rotary Club should be determined by the many talented personalities of members all supporting one cause…”Service above self”.  Getting the membership pulling together in the same direction, as a unified team, suggests the need for some degree of planning. Significant achievements of clubs result by design, not by chance!
A long range plan provides the framework with which to overcome annual leadership turnover. When a plan is in place and a vision has been defined, present and future club leaders work together to move the organization forward with minimal confusion. The “visioning” process allows club members to dream about what their club could become. From such a dream will evolve a new sense of identity and a renewed commitment to becoming a vibrant and effective Rotary club.
Visioning provides a collective look into the future
A club “visioning session” provides a collective look to the future and the foundation for a written plan that promotes “consensus, consistency, and continuity”.  A statement of goals and initiatives then provides a road map that is easy for leaders and club members to understand. It serves as the beginning point from which a club can formulate their strategies into a viable plan of action.
D5790 is prepared to provide a team of “neutral” trained facilitators to assist clubs in the visioning process. Selected team members understand the big picture of Rotary as well as how to facilitate in an unbiased manner. This service helps club leaders to condense many ideas (dreams) for the future into the most important goals determined by club consensus within a limited amount of time in a retreat type setting.
District 5790 club leaders wishing to use “visioning” services, should contact the Governor, Assistant Governor, or PDG Gene Davenport, Visioning coordinator (512-496-5967 and