Membership engagement and retention is a continuous process, not a once-a-year crash program implemented in desperation to boost numbers.

Recruitment is only part of the membership formula. The other part is retaining members by persuading them that joining was a wise decision. As simple as it sounds, members who are welcomed. engaged through involvement, informed, and recognized and who perceive the organization is benefiting them will not only continue as members but will want to share the experience with friends and business acquaintances. 

To assure an organization's viability, membership retention should not fall under crisis management but should be an ongoing and methodical activity throughout the life of the organization.

Retention activities should begin immediately when a member joins, to ensure the member's sense of belonging and to enlist his or her participation. Rotary Clubs should consider ways of measuring member engagement in all of its various forms and recognize those members that attain specific levels of engagement.

Engaged members are more likely to stay with an organization than those that remain on the sideline.