Working to eradicate polio for more than 30 years

Rotary has been working to eradicate polio for more than 30 years, and we’ve made incredible progress in the fight to rid the world of it forever.

As a founding partner of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, we've helped to reduced polio cases by more than 99.9 percent.

It’s crucial to eliminate polio from the last three countries where it remains endemic and to keep other countries polio-free.

If all eradication efforts stopped today, within 10 years, polio could paralyze as many as 200,000 children each year.

What are Rotary clubs and Rotarians being asked to do?

  • Rotary club and Rotarian participation in this effort is crucial to making PolioPlus a success.
  • Each club is challenged to raise a minimum  $25 per capita annually for PolioPlus.

Be a Part of History

Donate Your Funds

  • We’re close to eradicating polio, but we’re not done yet. We still need funds to continue immunization and surveillance efforts. Your gift will get us closer to the finish line.
  • Give now

Donate Your time

  • Ending a disease is a massive effort, and Rotary and our partners can’t do it alone. You can join us in our efforts to end polio by being a part of World Polio Day.
  • Learn more about World Polio Day

Donate Your Voice

  • We need your voice to help us end polio now. Our resource center has materials such as social media messages and sample press releases.
  • For more information please contact our District Polio Plus Chair:  Jon Bullock